Peer Health Educator Program

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Most recently, CHP expanded its services to include peer led HIV prevention educational sessions. Our Peer Health Education Program is run primarily by undergraduate students here at JSU. The students conduct HIV prevention educational presentations in classrooms, dorms, and forums on campus. They also conduct outreach events and sponsor activities during the national HIV observance days. The Peer Health Educators are becoming popular. They have been invited to present at local churches, community-based organizations , and the NAACP annual state convention. The peer education program originally began with a grant from the Office of HIV/AIDS prevention in 2011.

Some of the events the Peer Health Educators help implement;

              • Party On The Plaza
              • Meet & Greet
              • Halloween outreach event: “Don’t Get Tricked By Your Treat”
              • World AIDS Day
              • April Fool’s Day outreach awareness: “Don’t Be Fooled By His Tool”
              • Collaborations with other Campus organizations