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Department of Psychology
College of Liberal Arts


The Department of Psychology at Jackson State University is a unit of the School of Social and Behavioral Sciences in the College of Liberal Arts

Student and Faculty Photos from Recent Conferences and Events

2017 Mississippi Psychological Association Convention in Biloxi, MS

Arica Norgaray’s poster presentation entitled, “Preliminary Analysis of the Relationship between Transprejudice, Intrinsic Religiosity, and Spirituality on a College Campus in the Deep South.”


2017 Army Research Lab in Rome, NY

Arica Norgaray’s poster presentation entitled, “Exploratory Analysis of the Relationship between Country Personality Traits and Cybercrime Output.”


2017 Association for Applied Sports Psychologist in Orlando, FL

Ronella Gollman’s poster presentation entitled, “Student-Athletes’ Emotional Health and Wellness.”


2017 Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Aberdeen, MD

Arica Norzagaray’s Oral Presentation


2017 Mississippi Psychological Association Convention in Biloxi, MS

Joanne Kwoh’s workshop entitled, “Yoga: The Benefits of Deep Breathing, Relaxation, and Meditation.”


2016 Association for Academy of Minority Physicians in Naples, FL

Dr. Bell Neasman and Ronella Gollman (first picture, Ms. Gollman in second picture)


2016 Society for the Study of Sexuality

Trisha Arnold (on left and right picture) and Kaitlin Portz with Dr. Richard Crosby


80th Annual Mississippi Academy of Sciences Meeting (2016) in Hattiesburg, MS

Joanne Kwoh and Dr. Juliette Schweitzer


ACT II Clinical Skills Building Intensive Training in Atlanta, Georgia

ACT II Training Pic

Trisha Arnold, Kaitlin Portz, and Linnie Wheeless pictured with Steven C. Hayes, the creator of ACT.


Mississippi Psychological Association Convention at Bay St. Louis, Mississippi (September 2015)

MPA 2015 Mapping Cultural Diversity

Presentation entitled, “Mapping Cultural Diversity: The Path Forward” by Kaitlin Portz, Linnie Wheeles, Andrea Laikin, and Bryman Williams.



MPA Kaitlin and Andrea

Presentation entitled, “Mental and Behavioral Helath in Children with Medical Conditions: A Review and Treatment Discussion” by Andrea Laikin, Kaitlin Portz, Dr. Cynthia Karlson, and Dr. Taunjah Bell Neasman.



Moreland and other at MPA

Attendees at MPA Conference (left to right: Dr. Bryman Williams, Nathan Harper, Alexis Davis, and Dr. Cheryl Moreland.



47th ABPsi International Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada (July 2015)

Alexis AbPsi Conference

Presentation entitled, “Understanding the Link between Perceptions and Attitudes of Rap Music, Racial Identity, and Self-Esteem of college-aged African American Men and Women” by Alexis Davis  and Dr. Cheryl Moreland


Society of Pediatric Psychology Annual Conference in San Diego, California (April 2015)

Trisha by poster

Presentation entitled, “Evaluating Adherence to Clinic Appointments in a Pediatric Sickle Cell Disease Population Prescribed Hydroxyurea” by Trisha Arnold


Recent Brown Univeristy Fellows

Trisha and Estefany

Brown University Fellows Estefany Bologna and Trisha Arnold promoting PrEP on Pride Day in Rhode Island.




More about us
By the time JSU officially gained university status from Mississippi’s state legislature in 1979, the Department of Psychology’s primary focus on research made its move to the School of Liberal Arts a natural transition. Then, Dr. Janet St. Lawrence, a faculty member and clinical psychologist at JSU, began to investigate HIV and STD issues in vulnerable populations during the advent of the AIDS epidemic. Out of this work with those in drug treatment, people contending with incarceration, or people from other at-risk groups, came the genesis of the Community Health Program (CHP). This program became the foremost research division within the Psychology Department and works to provide community service while training students and conducting original studies, which gain national attention. Additionally, during this time period, Dr. Cynthia Ford designed a course to teach psychology from an afro-centric perspective. This type of enhancement to the curriculum highlights JSU’s focus on both cultural and individual diversity and remains a popular elective in the discipline.


The mission of the Undergraduate Major in the Psychology Department is to expose students to the breadth and depths of the various fields of psychology. Students are encouraged and taught to think critically about psychological issues and to understand the value of empirical investigation. The department seeks to foster each student’s appreciation for the field of psychology and its applications to individual and social problems. The department is dedicated to high standards of original inquiry and personal growth. Students are taught that sound research and scholarship serve to expand knowledge and improve the quality of peoples’ lives. Our program provides students with the education needed to enter a variety of careers or to pursue graduate work in psychology or related fields.

“Challenging Minds, Changing Lives.”


After years of preparing undergraduates to pursue advanced research degrees, JSU began to develop its own plan for graduate study. Spearheading this movement was a working group whose goal was to design a program in clinical psychology that would provide multicultural training. The idea behind such multiculturalism is that the most effective clinical psychologists are those who have separated themselves from their personal biases and that this can only occur through in depth understanding of other cultures. In 1995, program was launched with a charter class of five students. APA accreditation then followed in 2001, and the first dissertation defense occurred in 2002. The concept of multicultural training remains a primary mission and requires the program actively to support those from diverse ethnic and racial backgrounds while ensuring that even the most traditional of graduate students becomes immersed in as many different environments as possible. This occurs most directly through practica, externships, and field research experience with underserved people; in the area of Jackson, this most often means rural and African-American populations.


Psychology majors have a plethora of career options after studying:

Psychiatrist Industrial-Organizational Psychologist Neuropsychologist Clinical Psychologist
Engineering Psychologist Counseling Psychologist Forensic Psychologist School Psychologist
  Correctional Psychologist Sport Psychologist  



For more information, please contact us at (601) 979-2371.  We look forward to meeting with you and seeing how our program can help you achieve your goals.



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