Fiscal Year 2016 Closeout Schedule

Budget and Financial Analysis

Budget Transfer Form
Budget Transfer Form Instructions
Request for New/Change of Index/Fund/Org Code 
Designated Fund Budget Allocation
EPAF Approval Queue
Frequently Asked Questions 

Business Office Forms

Accounts Payable Guideline
Cashier Daily Report Form
Payroll and Employee Reimbursement Direct Deposit Form
IRS (W-9)
Tuition and Fees
Student Direct Deposit
JSU PAWS Finance Access
JSU Financial Statement Net Position FY 13
JSU Financial Statement Cash Flows FY 13
JSU Financial Statement RECNP FY 13
IHL System Audit Information FY 13
IHL System Audit Information FY 15
Marketplace Return and Refund Policy
Departmental Transfers

Property Management/Inventory

Hand Receipt Form
Interdepartmental Property Transfer Form
Equipment Disposal Request
Direct Delivery Forms


Purchasing & Travel

Travel Request Form 
Travel Request Form Instructions
Travel Quick Tips
Voucher for Travel Reimbursement
Vendor Direct Deposit
Travel and Expense Management (TEM)
TEM Request and Reimbursement Instructions
TEM Approval Instructions


Policy Procedures
Cash Management Policy
Wire Transfer Policy
Credit Rating
Investment Management Policy for Non-Endowed Funds
Request for Authorization to Use Bank Account Information
Request to Open a Bank Account

Student Payroll Forms

Student Payroll Packet
Employment Eligibility Form (I9)
State Withholding Certificate
W-4 (2014)
Time Sheet Calender

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