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Abdelrahim Muna Program and Budget Manager RTRN-DCC MS e-Center 979-0773
Abraham Ashley N. Associate Director / Chief Software Engineer Center for Defense Integrated Data MS e-Center / Costal Hazards Center at COE 979-1832
Akil Luma Scientific Technician RCMI-CEH JSH 256 979-0261
Allen Shonda R. Associate Director, CCMSI Chemistry & Biochemistry FA 14 979-3723
Amouzandeh Vida Secretary PASGS (Project MAST Program) JSH 321 979-0860
Bridges Paulette Grant Coordinator Technology JYW 120 979-1228
Brown Robert J Animal care Tech. Biology JAP 450 979-1292
Crisler Shanetta Secretary Civil & Environmental ENB 146 979-3913
Dasari Shareena Postdoc Chemistry & Biochemistry JAP 515 979-4345
Dent, II Andrew L. Senior Clinical Analyst RTRN-DCC MS eCenter 979-0368
Drummond LaDonnya S Academic Advisement Coordinator/Instructor Biology JAP 323 979-7009
Garner, Jr. Solomon T Director of Research Resources and Research Networking RTRN-DCC MS e-Center 979-1680
Hall Sandra L Program Coordinator, NIH-MARC Chemistry & Biochemistry JAP 240 979-2087
Harris Kimberly L Secretary Biology JAP 335 979-2586
Hayes Traci T Director, Communications and Marketing RTRN-DCC MS e-Center 979-0333
Humphrey Jacqueline L Administrative Assistant CSET JAP 234 979-1055
Johnson Brenda F Executive Assistant to the Dean CSET ENB 201 979-3473
Johnson Inez Coord of Admin. Services Environmental Sci PhD Program FA 23 979-2095   979-3321
Lee Jae Eun Director of Statistics and Research development RTRN-DCC MS e-Center 979-0337
Li Hailong Database Administrator RTRN-DCC MS e-Center 979-1090
Lobodina Galina A Lab Technician Chemistry & Biochemistry FA 14 979-3980
Longino III Caliph Director of Technical Services CSET JAP 122 979-2366
Love-Kendrick Kristy S Undergraduate Program Coordinator CSET ENB 201 979-4044
Lowe-Austin La Shon N Administrative Assistant, Coastal Hazards Center of Excellence Civil & Environmental Engineering MS e-Center 979-1807
Mabry-Ashley Gretta A Office Manager Mathematics & Statistical Sciences JSH 225 979-2161
Malouhi Mohamad Sr. Software Engineer RTRN-DCC MS e-Center 979-0332
Martin Constance N Program Manager First in the World Program JAP 106 979-0840
Meredith Queenie A Supply Room Manager Biology JAP 321 979-3479
Mohamad Malouhi Sr. Software Engineer RTRN-DCC MS e-Center 979-0682
Ngare Alnida M Director of Clinical Data Services and Informatics CSET MS e-Center 979-0335
Omar Aldaoud Associate Director RTRN-DCC Ms e-Center 979-1052
Pang Qing J Lab Instructor Electrical & Computer Engineering ENB 246 979-0975
Richardson Thomas W Deputy Director, Coastal Hazards Center of Excellence Civil & Environmental Engineering MS e-Center 979-1810
Rong Zhang Electron Microscope Technician CSET JAP 105 979-0213
Smith Cary Coordinator PASGS (Project MAST Program) JSH 321 979-3627
Tchounwou Martha M Director, Scholars Academy CSET ENB 207 979-1604
Tenner Candilyn M Administrative Assistant RCMI JAP 234 979-1055
Turner Travis J Programmer Analyst RTRN-DCC MS e-Center 979-0503
Wang Rong Electric Microscope Technician Civil & Environmental Engineering JAP 104/105 979-0213
Washington La Shinda Hazmat/Rad Officer CSET JAP 433 979-4315
Williams, Sr. Pablo F Information & Data Manager First in the World Program JAP 106 979-6815
Zhang Yazhou Technician Chemistry & Biochemistry JAP 529 979-1650

Quality Education

The mission of the College of Science, Engineering and Technology at Jackson State University (CSET) is to provide an innovative program of excellence in education, research, and public and professional service at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. CSET promotes the production of highly competitive graduates as judged by the highest academic standards in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). The College also endeavors to be recognized both nationally and internationally as preparers of outstanding men and women scientists. CSET is committed to implementing the University’s mission and focusing its intellectual, experience and other resources on improving the quality of life for students, the surrounding community, state, nation and the global community.

Explore Our Programs

We offer 28 different programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels, ranging from meteorology to biomedical engineering. Explore our programs and discover which one is right for you!

Undergraduate Programs

The College of Science, Engineering, and Technology offers more than ten undergraduate degree programs including Computing Engineering, Biology, Chemistry, and much more.

Graduate Programs

We offer nine master’s degree programs and five doctoral degree programs spanning Computation & Data Enabled Science & Engineering, Urban and Regional Planning, and more.


Each of our 7 departments provide engaging academic programs taught by our supportive and diverse faculty members.

Supporting the Next Generation

Whether you are a JSU alum looking to give back, or a supporter who wants to invest in our students, making a gift to the College of Engineering, Science, and Technology allows us to continue nurturing and educating the next generation of global leaders.


College of Science, Engineering, and Technology


College of Science, Engineering & Technology
Jackson State University
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