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JSU surveyed several groups in early 2019 to find out how they view the university and to get their input on a variety of other topics. The best brands build on strengths that differentiate us from our competitors. They incorporate personality traits and encourage others to engage with us. Keep in mind these things may be shown visually through pictures (which is preferred by traditional students) as well as through words. Based on the research, the following were identified as the key brand elements for Jackson State University®:

  • Family environment that is caring and nurturing
  • Excellence in education
  • Focus on technology to enhance and promote learning (includes iPad initiative)
  • Diverse, accepting of all races
  • Opportunity and success for graduates – “Challenging Minds, Changing Lives” resonates with past and current Tigers
  • Pride – reinforced with the renowned Sonic Boom of the South and athletics
  • Community service focus
  • Long-term commitment to campus improvements
  • HBCU, rich history
  • Research-focused (element used on limited basis for specific target audiences)

These strengths have been incorporated into the messages included in this guide. These points support JSU’s commitment to its students, faculty and staff and the community.

JSU Brand Style Guide

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