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There are FIVE basic rules that should be followed when using registered wordmarks and logos:

  1. Always follow the trademark with the generic designation of the product, for example “Jackson State University®”, “Home of the Tigers”;
  2. Use correct typographical treatment for trademarks;
  3. Use correct grammar. A trademark should not be used with a noun, verb or in the plural form;
  4. Use the trademark in the same form as it is registered; and
  5. Always follow a registered trademark with a ®.

Following these practices in internal communications develops a habit not likely to be broken in other correspondences. Registered wordmarks and logos can be used on or appear in various displays, advertising, institutional stationery, envelopes, business cards, university uniforms, even as signage. Improper usage can literally destroy a registered trademark. Under federal laws, an owner’s rights to a registered trademark can be forfeited when the conduct of the owner, either through omission or commission, causes the mark to lose its significance as indication of origin.

Therefore, despite the various preferences among our authorized vendors and users, it is critical that we adhere to JSU guidelines.

JSU Brand Style Guide

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