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Voice, Tone & Content

When communicating the brand message, both tone and content are important in delivering the appropriate message. Tone is the style, word choice or cadence used to deliver the message; The tone should be the same in both written and verbal formats. While the tone may change slightly depending on the group addressed, in general, it should be nurturing and friendly. Content refers to the message and wording or construction of the message. When creating content or a message, consider the words and phrases listed below that represent the university’s brand. It is not necessary to use these words or phrases, but consider how you could communicate the meaning behind these descriptors.

How Others See JSU

As part of the brand initiative, primary research was done to see how various groups view the university. The responses between the groups surveyed were very similar. Here are some of the words and phrases they used to describe the university:

  • Relevant
  • Urban
  • Global Recognition
  • Job Ready
  • Historical
  • Sophisticated
  • Excellent Research Programs
  • Good Academic Reputation
  • Exciting
  • Tradition
  • Community
  • Family
  • Affordable
  • Solid
  • Strong
  • Friendly
  • Diversity
  • Quality
  • Accommodating
  • Lively Culture

What Makes JSU Unique?

Why should a student choose JSU? The following statement incorporates many of the core themes into one high level statement:

One of the nation’s top historically black colleges and universities (HBCU), Jackson State University® provides a culture of self-discovery and shared experiences where its students are able to develop a strong sense of self in a challenging yet nurturing environment that prepares them for personal and professional success.

Core Messages

At a high level, the following are the key messages:

  • JSU provides an excellent education in a caring and nurturing environment
  • JSU utilizes technology to prepare students to succeed
  • JSU embraces diversity, and is accepting of all races and cultures
  • JSU challenges minds and changes lives
  • JSU and Jackson offer many cultural and entertainment options
  • Various forms of financial aid are available to students
  • JSU is focused on the future through continuing improvements
  • Jackson State University® is designated as a “high research activity” institution by the Carnegie Foundation

Other Messages:

  • JSU is one of the “Top Twenty” HBCUs in the nation.
  • JSU is one of the most affordable HBCU experiences for students.
  • JSU maintains a high-quality faculty and accredited programs.
  • JSU offers excellent academic programs and attracts many students for it social work, STEM, business, and education programs.
  • JSU offers the state’s only accredited Public Health program.
  • JSU graduates are leaders in their professions and are making differences in their communities.
  • JSU students leave empowered with the confidence and ability to succeed in any environment.
  • JSU offers excellent and challenging academic programs that prepares its graduates for success.
  • JSU has a strong alumni network that is advantageous to its job- seeking post graduates.

JSU Brand Style Guide

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