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The use of the JSU logo, mascot, seal, or any other logos on letterhead or in any other publications shall be used according to the guidelines set forth in the manual. The colleges, departments, and offices must submit a Logo Use Form for approval prior to sales or distribution.

The use of JSU on or in connection with items offered for sale, in association with the name, logo or other indicia of any non-JSU entity or otherwise for commercial purposes, shall be subject to a license agreement between the external entity and JSU.

All university colleges/divisions/departments may use the university name in its title, publications, or letterhead to show its status as a college/division/department within the university.

The college/division/department may not use the name in a manner that will create confusion between it and the university. It may not use the name in a manner that would in any way constitute an endorsement, approval or underwriting of any organization, product, activity, service or contract by Jackson State University®.

Should an item bearing the trademarks of the university be sold to anyone other than the employed staff of that college/division/department, it becomes a commercial use of the mark and is subject to a license agreement.

For example, if the college/division/department decides to sell a t-shirt bearing the university marks as a fund-raiser, the manufacturer of the item is obligated to enter into a royalty bearing license agreement through Contractual Services Licensing Program.

This office approves all artwork and designs, as well as the quality of the product prior to its distribution.

JSU Brand Style Guide

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