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The importance of a university signature

Familiar logos are not read as words, but processed by the brain visually, evoking complex associations. The Jackson State University® signature is the keystone of the visual identity system. A consistent use of the signature on all materials by all participants will improve communication and strengthen the JSU brand.

By incorporating the JSU graphic identity system, we are increasing the quality, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of all our communications efforts.

The new JSU visual identity should be phased in. As existing inventories of print materials are used up; new materials should incorporate the new graphics.

The JSU signature

The logo consists of four elements;

  1. The JSU initials and 1877
  2. The blue divider line
  3. The logo type
  4. JSU blue and gray

These four elements are to be used together as one unit.

The JSU signature should always be spaced and aligned as shown here. It must be reproduced from high-resolution digital files.

JSU Brand Style Guide

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