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There are FIVE basic rules that should be followed when using the name Jackson State University® in text:

The official University Name is Jackson State University®. When referring to Jackson State University® in text, use “Jackson State University®” for your first mention. Always use ® symbol when the full University name is shown.

All subsequent mentions may be stated as “Jackson State” or the acronym “JSU”. The use of the acronym that is not recognized by some audiences outside the University community could have other claims for example: Jacksonville State University® (JSU).

Approval may be granted for the use of JSU name through Contractual Services if the following conditions are met:

  1. Use of general context;
  2. No direct or implied endorsement by JSU is created;
  3. No apparent liability is created by JSU;
  4. No conflicts of interest or ethical issues appear present; and
  5. Perceived use has a positive or neutral effect on JSU image

Jackson State University® is a registered wordmark. The official university name should be written and displayed as followed:

  • Jackson State University®
  • Jackson State
  • JSU

JSU Brand Style Guide

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