Getting Connected: Internet (Students)

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If for any reason you are having difficulty with a connection for your PC, please contact the Community Director. 

What you will need: 

Student Computers should meet minimum recommended specifications.

  • Processor (CPU intel i3) or higher
  • Memory (RAM 4GB)
  • Hard Drive 100GB
  • Network card (NIC) and RJ-45 cable or wireless adapter
  • Operating system Windows 7 or higher
  • Up-To-Date anti-virus software (ask for it at the Front Desk)

Students are responsible for maintenance, repair, and service of their computers. JSU Support Service Personnel will not work on student computers.

Students are responsible for the purchase and installations of software on their computers. JSU Support Service Personnel will not install software.

JSU Support Service Personnel will provide network connections for student computers. JSU will guarantee connectivity to each room.

We do not supply any additional equipment and/or supplies you may need to use your PC. You will need a network card and a network cable to utilize your PC in the dorm room. Please visit the nearest office supply store or the bookstore to purchase this equipment.


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