Undergraduate Studies

The Department of Music offers the Bachelor of Music Education (BME) and the Bachelor of Music (BM) degrees.

Areas of Concentration

Music Education
Music Technology
Music Performance


Music Minor
A minimum of 22 semester hours is required for a minor in music. The required courses are:

  • MUS 111 and 112 (4 hours); 
  • MUSY 111 and 112 (2 hours) 
  • MUS 211 and 212 (4 hours); 
  • MUSY 211 (1 hour)
  • MUS 321 or 205 (3 hours);
  • Applied Major – MUS 114 AND 115 (4 hours); 
  • Applied Secondary – MUS 114 AND 115 (2 hours); 
  • Performance Ensemble – MUS 101-122 (2 hours); 
  • Recital Hour–MUS 200 (2 semesters). 

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Music scholarships are awarded to high school graduates who show special talent in instrumental, vocal, and keyboard areas and who desire to major in Music or Music Education at Jackson State
University. Partial scholarships are also available for students who participate in the band, choir, and orchestra. Applicants for these scholarships must be recommended by the high school principal or a member of the school faculty and must be auditioned by a representative of the University from the department in which they are seeking scholarship assistance.