Dept. of Public Policy & Administration


Dr. Gloria Billingsley

Gloria BillingsleyAssociate Professor, 

MPA Program Director

Office: Room 313

Contact: 601-979-8784/






Dr. Johnny GilleylenJohnny B. Gilleylen Sr., Dept. Chair

Office: Room 307
Contact: 601-979-8786/







DrHines Pic-2012Gala2_reducedAndre Leona Hines, Assistant Professor

Office: Room 309

Concact: 601-979-8785/









Jae-Young Ko 8_1Jae-Young Ko, Associate Professor

Office: Room 310                                                    







Contact: 601-979-8781/

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– 2016 JSU College of Public Service, Teacher of the Year Award

– 2016 JSU Creative Award ($5,000)

– 2015 JSU Summer Research Fund ($3,000)


– Exploring Sustainable Community Development for the Mississippi Delta Region Employing Ecological Economics Framework (Submitted to the JSU Creative Award ;$5,000; funded; Jan. 1, 2016 – Dec. 21, 2016; Abstract)

Currently Dr. Ko is looking for a research assistant among the PPAD students, who will work on the MS Delta Project (Reward: 9 credit-hour tuition waive),  If interested in, please contact Dr. Ko (


Dr. Bennett OdunsiBennett Odunsi, Professor

 Office: Room 316        

 Contact: 601-979-8726/ 

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Chester Robinson-4Chester Robinson, Associate Professor

Office: Room 311                                                  

Contact: 601-979-8782/








slack_1James D. Slack, Professor

Office: Room 432

Contact: 601-372-1001 /












Dr. Ester Stokes

Ester Stokes, Visiting Assistant Professor & Internship Coordinator

Office: Room 312                                                       

Contact: 601-979-8787/

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Ms. Carolyn DivinityCarolyn K. Divinity, Office Manager

Office: Room 308                                                   

Contact: 601-979-8783/