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Department of Chemistry, Physics, and Atmospheric Sciences
College of Science, Engineering, and Technology


Chemistry is the study of how matter behaves at its most basic level. The central science, chemistry, is involved in everything that we do. Its applications stretch across all areas of life, including medicine, engineering and agriculture.


Faculty Directory



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Dr. Mohammad Yasir, Assistant Professor JAP 528B/502 3490(P)/3674(F)
Dr. Naomi Campbell, Professor JHS 128 3489(P)/3674(F)
Dr. Brian Napolion, Instructor JAP 414 2171(P)/3674(F)
Dr. Wojciech Kolodziejczyk, Lab Coordinator/Instructor JAP 535 3484(P)/3674(F)
Dr. Fengxiang Han, Professor JAP 504/532 3487(P)/3674(F)
Dr. Glake Hill, Professor JHS G029 1699(P)/7823(F)
Dr. Md. Alamgir Hossain, Professor JAP 539/527 3748(P)/3674(F)
Dr. Ming-Ju  Huang, Professor JAP 506/512 3492(P)/3674(F)
Dr. M Saiful IslamAssistantProfessor JAP 509 3485(P)/3674(F)
Dr. Ken S. Lee, Professor JAP 538/524 3483(P)/3730(F)
Dr. Jerzy Leszczynski, Professor, Presidential Distinguished Fellow JSH 129 3482(P)/7823(F)
Dr. Yiming Liu, Professor JAP 537/523, 527 3491(P)/3674(F)
Dr. William McHenry, Professor, Exec. Dir. e-Center@JSU e-Center 2171(P)/3674(F)
Dr. Ifedayo Victor Ogungbe, Associate Professor JAP 511/522 3719(P)/3674(F)
Dr. Paresh C. Ray, Professor JAP 528A/507, 530, JHS127 3486(P)/3674(F)
Dr. Julia Saloni, Instructor JHS G015 979-7137
Dr. John Watts, Professor JAP 505/514 3488(P)/3674(F)
Dr. Yongfeng Zhao, Associate Professor JAP 528A 3490(P)/3674(F)

Adjunct and Emeritus Professors

Dr. Maohong Fan, Adjunct Professor UWYO
Dr. Peter P. Fu, Adjunct Professor NCTR (870)5437207
Dr. Solomon Garner, Adjunct Faculty DTCC
Dr. Gurvinder Gill, Adjunct Faculty JAP 125
Dr. William Lester, Adjunct Professor UC Berkeley
Dr. Richard H. Sullivan, Professor Emeritus JAP 414 2171(P)/3674(F)
Dr. Hiroyasu Tachikawa, Professor Emeritus JAP508/521 3485(P)/3674(F)
Dr. Magarett Wodetzki, Professor Emeritus JAP414 2171(P)/3674(F)
† JAP = John A. Peoples Science
Building, JHS = Just Hall of Science, AT = Administrative Tower


Staff Directory

Name Office Phone / Fax* Email / Web
Office and Programs:
Dr.  Shonda  Allen, Associate Director, ICN JHS G029 3723(P) 7823(F)
Dr.  Dalephine  Davis, Associate Director, Graduate Studies & Coordinator, Student Affairs JAP 414 1525(P) 3674(F)
Dr. Wojciech Kolodziejczyk, Lab Coordinator and Instructor JAP 535 3484(P)/3674(F)
Ms.  Sandra  Hall, Program Coordinator, NIH-MARC/SCORE JHS G029 2087(P) 3674(F)
Ms.  Galina  Lobodina, Program Assistant, ICN JHS G029 3980(P) 7823(F)
Ms.  Maxine  Simpson, Program Coordinator, NIH-RISE/NSF-PREM 204 3453(P) 3674(F)
Mrs. Valencia Williams, Administrative Aid 414 601-979-2171(P)

Dr. Yazhou Zhang, Analytical Core Manager 529 3720(P)/3674(F)
Research Laboratory: Postdoctoral Fellow, Research Associates and Technicians
Dr. Pramanik Avijit 530 1688(P) 3674(F)
Vacant 513 3721(P) 3674(F) vacant
Dr. Shareena Dasari 515 4345 (P) 3674 (F)
Dr. Xiangtang Li 523 3710(P) 3674(F)
Dr. Devashis  Majumdar JSH 1632(P) 7823(F)
 Dr. Henry Pinto JSH 1136(P) 3674(F)
Dr. Sinha Sudarson 507 3718 (p) 3674 (f)
Dr. Jing  Wang 501 1159(P) 7823(F)

* Phone/Fax prefix: (601) 979-



The chemistry program involves a deep study of matter and its properties.
In your classrooms and labs, you will synthesize, analyze and test substances to gain understanding of how and why they combine or separate to form other substances, as well as how they interact with energy. You will also have opportunities to work with faculty on real-world research and gain field experience for pay or academic credit.


From your first day on campus, you will learn to be a scientist by BEING a scientist and work your way up to developing and testing your own hypotheses. You will create new substances, test theories using chemical analysis, create processes to make unstable molecules more stable, and more. At Jackson State University, you will become a part of the process of creating new scientific knowledge.

“Challenging Minds, Changing Lives.”


Your time will be spent collecting and analyzing data or running experiments on state-of-the-art equipment – not solely sitting at desks. 


Chemistry majors have a plethora of career options after studying general, analytical, organic, physical chemistry, and biochemistry:

Chemical Engineer Chemical Analyst Chemical Information Specialist Chemical Oceanographer
Chemical Safety Officer Chemical Technician Chemist Clinical Chemist
Clinical Data Analyst Clinical Research Associate Clinical Research Coordinator Crime Lab Assistant
DNA Analyst Energy Engineer Energy Researcher Food And Drug Inspector
Food Chemist Forensic Lab Analyst Industrial Chemist Laboratory Manger
Materials Scientist Nuclear Chemist Petroleum Chemist Pharmacist


For many years, we have played a central role in new chemical developments and advancements.

Want to learn more? Click below to view our advancements.



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CSET Scholars Academy



For more information, please contact us at (601) 979-2171.  We look forward to meeting with you and seeing how our program can help you achieve your goals.



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