Are you working on a paper, presentation, or a research project? Do you need support with your writing? Welcome! You’re in the “write” place!

In the Richard Wright Center (RWC), undergraduate and graduate writing advisors will talk with you about your writing, give feedback, and answer your questions. 

Talking with a writing advisor about your writing, speaking, or research project can help you develop your ideas, understand your readers’ expectations, and build your confidence as a writer. 

Meet with a writing advisor to discuss the following:

  • planning and organizing your work on a project or assignment
  • overcoming writer’s block
  • revising and editing strategies
  • organization and supporting evidence
  • resources and reference materials
  • creating visual aids for presentations
  • using documentation styles (e.g., MLA, APA, Chicago) 
                         and more . . .

To work one-on-one with a writing advisor, make an appointment using our online appointment system.

  1. Try to make your appointment for at least 2 days before the paper is due, so you have time afterwards to think through your ideas and make important changes.
  2. Have your assignment sheet with you, if you have one.
  3. Arrive with a question, notes, or a draft. If you don’t have one, that is okay. Note: if you have a 15-page paper, please let us know about particular issues you would like to focus on in the session.
  4. Be present mentally. A tutorial session is a conversation about your writing; writing advisors will need your input as much as you need theirs.

Attend writing workshops

Participate in workshops to discuss specific writing, research, and presentation issues.

View writing resources

See more resources on the RWC website. Find out what we discussed in our workshops and review documentation styles.