Writing in Graduate School

As a graduate student, you are preparing to enter conversations on issues that matter in your field. Participating in professional conversations involves writing and getting feedback from peers, colleagues, and professors. In the Richard Wright Center (RWC), you have the opportunity to receive feedback from trained writing advisors at any stage of the creative and research processes as you develop written, oral, and visual representations of your ideas for an academic audience.

How You Can Use the RWC

  • Get feedback at any stage of a research project (e.g., proposal, literature review, methodology, results, discussion)
  • Attend scheduled writing workshops or request one for your cohort or study group
  • Participate in thesis and dissertation roundtables
  • Prepare for a conference presentation
  • Create visual aids (e.g., posters, PowerPoint slides)
  • Revise an article for publication
  • Practice for a thesis or dissertation defense

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