Faculty and Staff Directory

Dean's Office

Phone Email
Dr. Ramin Maysami, Dean and Professor of Economics and Finance (601) 979-2411  ramin.c.maysami@jsums.edu
Dr. Sheila C. Porterfield, Associate Dean (601) 979-2411 sheila.c.porterfield@jsums.edu
Mrs. Mable L. Easley, Executive Assistant to the Dean (601) 979-2411 mable.l.easley@jsums.edu
Ms. Monica Williams, Administrative Assistant (601) 979-2411 monica.d.williams@jsums.edu

Department of Accounting

Dr. Quinton Booker, CPA, Chair & BankPlus Professor                                    (601) 979-2704 quinton.booker@jsums.edu
Dr. Bobbie Daniels, CPA, Associate Professor (601) 979-2708   bobbie.w.daniels@jsums.edu
Dr. Wayne Nix, CPA, Associate Professor (601) 979-2331 wayne.e.nix@jsums.edu
Dr. Annette Pridgen, CPA, Assistant Professor (601) 979-2676 annette.k.pridgen@jsums.edu
Mr. Donald McWilliams, CPA, Instructor (601) 979-2699 donald.mcwilliams@sums.edu
Mr. Mahmoud Nabulsi, CPA, Instructor (601) 979-4276 mnabulisi@jsums.edu
Mr. Joseph Akanji, CPA, Adjunct Instructor (601) 979-2414 jaakanji@btcpas.com
Mr. Henry G. Thomas, CPA, Instructor (601) 979-2707    henry.thomas@jsums.edu
Ms. Kimberley Coleman, Administrative Assistant (601) 979-2414 kimberley.d.coleman@jsums.edu

Department of Economics, Finance and General Business


Dr. Fidelis Ezeala-Harrison, Interim Chair, Professor of Economics

(601) 979-2606


Dr. Maury Granger, Professor of Economics (601) 979-2679 maury.granger@jsums.edu
Dr. Okechuku D. Anyamele, Professor of Economics (601) 979-2452 okechukwu.d.anyamele@jsums.edu
Dr. Jean-Claude Assad Associate Professor of Economics (601) 979-1873  jean-claude.assad@jsums.edu
Mrs. Saundra Thompson McFarland, JD, Instructor of Business Law (601) 979-1088 saundra.m.thompson@jsums.edu
Mr. Larry Day, Instructor of Finance (601) 979-2607 larry.l.day@jsums.edu

Dr. Dal Didia,  Professor of Economics

(601) 979-2604


Dr. Patricia A. Freeman, Associate Professor of Economics (601) 979-2610 patricia.a.freeman@jsums.edu
Dr. Gail G. Fulgham, Professor of Economics (601) 979-2617 gail.g.fulgham@jsums.edu
Dr. Phillip Fuller, Professor of Finance (601) 979-2612 phillip.r.fuller@jsums.edu
Dr. Nicholas Hill, Associate Professor of Economics (601) 979-2605 nicholas.hill@jsums.edu
Dr. Priscilla Slade, Executive in Residence (601) 979-1781 priscilla.d.slade@jsums.edu
Dr. Geungu Yu, Associate Professor of Finance (601) 979-2619 geungu.yu@jsums.edu
Dr. Ehab Yamani, Visiting Assistant Professor (601) 979-2531 ehab.yamani@jsums.edu
Mrs. Ella P. King, Administrative Assistant (601) 979-2531 ella.p.king@jsums.edu

Department of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management

Dr. Mary M. White, Chair & Associate Professor (601) 979-2541 mary.m.white@jsums.edu
Dr. Donald Causey, Assistant Professor and Entrepreneur (601) 979-3326 donald.causey@jsums.edu
Dr. Micah Crump, Associate Professor (601) 979-2541 micah.e.crump@jsums.edu
Ms. Deborah Haymon, Administrative Assistant (601) 979-2541 deborah.haymon@jsums.edu

Department of Management and Marketing

Dr. Samuel Perkins, Interim Chair & Assistant Professor of Management (601) 979-2534 samuel.n.perkins@jsums.edu
Dr. Young Sik Cho, Assistant Professor of Management (601) 979-1298 young_sik.cho@jsums.edu
Dr. Hyonsong Chong, Assistant Professor of Management Information Sys (601) 979-2974  hyonsong.chong@jsums.edu
Dr. Douglas McWilliams, Assistant Professor of Management (601) 979-2978 douglas.l.mcwilliams@jsums.edu
Dr. Kenneth Russ, Assistant Professor of Marketing (601) 979-1367 kenneth.russ@jsums.edu
Dr. J. R. Smith, Professor of Marketing (601) 979-2534 jrsmith@jsums.edu
Dr. Palaniappan Thiagarajan, Associate Professor of Marketing (601) 979-1265 palaniappan.thiagarajan@jsums.edu
Dr. Joann White, Assistant Professor of Management (601) 979-2981 joann.white@jsums.edu
Mr. Eddie Anthony, Adjunct Instructor (601) 979-2534 ehanthony@comcast.net
Ms. Rita Gray, Administrative Assistant (601) 979-2534 ria.m.gray@jsums.edu

Graduate Business Office

Dr. Nicholas Hill, Ph.D Director (601) 979-6331 nicholas.hill@jsums.edu
Dr. Kenneth Russ, Director, Business Graduate Programs (601) 979-1367 kenneth.russ@jsums.edu
Mrs. Shanta Jones, Administrative Assistant (601) 979-1211 shanta.s.jones@jsums.edu

Small Business Development Center

Ms. Aletha Washington, Director (601) 979-8267 aletha.washington@jsums.edu 

Center for Academic and Professional Success

Dr. Vershun L. McClain, Coordinator, Student Professional Development Services (601) 979-1038 vershun.l.mcclain@jsums.edu
Ms. Jacqueline Triplett-Spires, Coordinator, Student Advising and Retention Services (601) 979-3327 jacqueline.t.triplett-spires@jsums.edu
Ms. Maggie Jean Walker, Director,  Academic Services (601) 979-2413 maggie.walker@jsums.edu