Dr. Jason Pope, who otained his doctoral degree in Public Policy from the JSU Dept. of Public Policy & Administration in Spring 2017, is lately appointed as Associate Vice President for Physical Plant and Auxiliary Services at the Hinds Community College. He will have district-wide responsibilities for sustainablity, physical plant, auxiliary services, safety, transportation, warehouse, facilities, energy, maintaenance and airport.

Congratulations, Dr. Pope.  

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New addition of faculty in the fall 2019

August 19th, 2019 by ppad

 Sylvester Murray and Professor Monique White have joined the Dept. of Public Policy & Administration as visiting scholars ths fall. It is Professor Murray's second service for JSU. He came to JSU in the fall 2013 and served three years. Now he came back as visiting scholar.  He has been a national scholar and practitioner in the field of Public Administration, also established distinguished career as City Manager (For example, he served City of San Diego in California as city manager.).  He has served as the President of the American Society for Public Administration and the International City Management Association. (Bio_Murray).  For his activities at JSU last time, please read the following JSU news story,

Dr. White has joined the Dept. of Public Policy & Administration as a visiting scholar this fall. She holds a Master’s degree in Public Health (MPH) and a PhD degree in Public Health. Dr. White also completed a postdoctoral fellowship with Jackson State University at the Jackson Heart Study (JHS). She has been an instructor in Health Education/Health Promotion at Hinds Community College and an Adjunct Professor at the School of Public Health and Department of Public Policy and Administration at Jackson State University. Her focus is on using her background, training, and experiences to develop expertise in students through education.  She is very interested in applying her training and experience in research methodology and statistics to empower students. (Monique White Biosketch 2019)

Welcome Aboard!!!!

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The 2019 Spring Commencement

May 3rd, 2019 by ppad

The 2019 Spring Commencement was held at the Lee E. Williams Athletic and Assembly Center, on May 5, 2019.

Three PPA (MPA) students – Ms. Jennifer Lee, Ms. Alexia Pickett, and Ms. Evelyn P. Thomas – received their degrees during the ceremony.









(In pic, from Left: Dr. Jae-Young Ko; Dept.Chair, Dr. Johnny Gilleylen; Ms. Alexia Pickett; Ms. Jennifer Lee; MPA program director, Dr. Gloria Billingsley; Dr. Andre Hines)

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Honoring graduating students

April 25th, 2019 by ppad

JSU College of Public Service held an award ceremony honoring graduating students on April 25, 2019.

Since the 2018 summer, Dept of Public Policy and Administration has produced EIGHT PhDs and ELEVEN MPPAs (master degree).

The invited students are as follows:
Doctoral students:
Dr. Shannon Anderson (summer 2018), Dr. Felicia Caples (summer 2018), Dr. Kelsi Gilleylen-Huggin (fall 2018), Dr. Cassandra Hawkins (summer 2018), Dr. Debra Monroe-Lax (fall 2018), Dr. Ivan Ozherelev (fall 2018), Dr. Jacqueline Sullivan (fall 2018), and Dr. Zameshia Williams (fall 2018),

Students of Master of Public Policy and Administration (MPPA):
Mr. Justin Haralson (fall 2018), Mr. Demetrius Hayes (fall 2018), Ms. Tiffany Jackson (fall 2018), Ms. Jennifer Lee (spring 2019), Ms. Shelia Malone (summer 2018), Ms. Alexia Pickett (spring 2019), Ms. Theresa Ramos (fall 2018), Mr. Darrick Rawlings (fall 2018), Ms. Kesia Readus (fall 2018), Mr. Charles Smith (fall 2018), and Ms. Evelyn Thomas (spring 2019).

The attending students have received their certificates and awards and enjoyed great food!

The magnitude of the graduating students for AY 2018-2019 has proved that the JSU public policy program is No. 1 public policy program in the State of Mississippi and No.1 HBCU public policy program in the US.

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The annual ASPA (American society of Public Administration) is THE annual academic event in the field of public administration.  The 2019 ASPA conference was held in Washington DC, March 8-12, 2019.  From the JSU Dept of Public Policy and Administration, (retired) professor Frances Liddell and Mr. Greg Ramsey, a doctoral student, attended the conference.  Professor Liddell had organized the L. Frances Liddell COMPA Student Policy Debate and Mr. Ramsey competed his debate skill during the event (topics: loosening restrictions on immigration and confederate monuments on federally owned property).  Mr. Ramsey had an opportunity to meet with Congressman Bennie Thompson at his office with Dr. Liddell and others.  In addition, Mr. Ramsey could meet some of the top administrators in the country as well as globally by attending social events.    

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Dr. Alan Branson (PhD in 2017) has been promoted to the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) at the HOPE Credit Union lately.
During his student days at the Dept of Public Policy and Administration, Dr. Branson attended the Southeastern Conference of Public Administration (SECOPA 2014), Atlanta, GA, September 17-20, 2014, and gave his presentation on payday lending in Mississippi. In addition, he presented his research result for the JSU Public Policy Student symposium, and won the 1st place award for the doctoral student division, on Dec.4, 2014.
He defended his dissertation (title: An analysis of the determinants of check cashing and bank branch locations in the State of Mississippi; Advisor: Dr. Jae-Young Ko) and obtained the doctoral degree in the Sping 2017.  Now Dr. Branson serves the PPAD as an adjunct faculty member. Congratulations, Dr. Branson.

(from the 2014 SECOPA Conference, Atlanta, GA; From Left, Ms. Christina Spann (MPPA), Mr. James Thompson (MPPA) who received the award of best master student paper during the conference, Dr. Cassandra Hawkins, who is now a tenure track faculty at the Mississippi Valley State University,  Dr. Alan Branson, and Dr. Jae-Young Ko)

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Ms. Sheryl Bacon  – a doctoral student at the JSU dept of Public Policy & Administration – is selected as the recipient of the Graduate Student Research Award from the 2019 annual conference of the Mississippi Political Science Association, which was held in Hattiesburg, MS, Feb. 8-9th, 2019.  She was one of five PPAD students attending the annual research event.  Ms. Bacon presented her research of water quality management problems in Flint, Michigan and its implication to Jackson, Mississippi (Bacon_2019 MSPSA Presentation – Lessons from Flint ). The selection result was announced on March 25, 2019, due to the selection process after the conference event.

Her achievement is another solid sign showing that JSU public policy program is moving toward the best graduate program of public policy in the State of Mississippi, and the best HBCU public policy program in the nation.

Congratulations, Ms. Bacon.

Ms. Shryl Bacon works at the Mississippi Urban Research Center (MURC) at Jackson State University as a research associate.


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The 2019 National Conference of Minority Public Administrators (COMPA) was held in Baltimore, Maryland, March 5-7, 2019.

The conference is an important academic event for minority scholars and practitioners in the field of public policy and JSU Dept of Public Policy & Administration (PPAD) has been playing important roles.

This year PPAD professors, and alumni, and current doctoral student attended the conference and played important roles in presenting reserach outputs and in administering the organization. 

The conference program is available at


(Ffrom the left in pic: Dr. Debra Monro-Lax (Phd in 2018), Dr. Kristie Lewis (PPAD alumnus), Professor Sy Murray (Retired faculty), Dr. L. Frances P. Liddell (Retired faculty), Professor Gloria Billingsley (PPAD faculty), Dr. Elizabeth Overman (PPAD alumnus), and Mr.  Julius E Green II (PPAD doctoral student).  Dr. Debra Monro-Lax is a policy analyst at the Mississippi Joint Legislative Committee on Performance Evaluation and Expenditure Review (PEER), and is elected for the position of the COMPA Secretary during the conference. Dr. Kristie Lewis is a professor at Point University in Georgia, and the incoming COMPA president. Dr. Elizabeth Overman is a professor at the University of Central Oklahoma. Professors Sy Murray, Frances Liddell, and Gloria Billingsley have served the COMPA as President, respectively.


(Mr.  Julius E Green II , who is seen in the right, has received an award from the session of Student Policy Debate).




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PPAD Graduate Student Association, 2019-2020

February 26th, 2019 by ppad

The representatives of the PPAD Graduate Student Association were elected at the JSU downtown campus, on Feb. 25, 2019. They will provide their services from Spring 2019, to Spring 2020:

President: Mr. Tyrone Buckley
Vice-President: Jennifer Lee
Secretary: Glory Moses
Treasurer: Tangayika Hoover
Parliamentarian: Tyrone Williams

The student government will advocate on behalf of the students to improve their PPAD experience.

Thanks for the students who attended the meeting in electing the student officials, and the representatives' services for better PPAD program.


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