The PPAD Facebook webpage is open!

February 7th, 2016 by ppad

With efforts of Ms. Gina Rodez and Ms. Gloria Hirse, finally we have the facebook webpage for the Department,

Hopefully the facebook webpage would provide informative and friendly SNS environment for your productive study and comfortably engaging social networks among students, faculty members, and staff members.

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Facebook webpage created for the COMPA 2016

February 6th, 2016 by ppad


With hard works of Ms. Gina Rodez and Ms. Gloria Hirse, the facebook website of COMPA 2016 is open now.

The COMPA 2016 will be held at the Hilton Garden Inn, downtown Jackson, just a couple of blocks away from the JSU downtown campus, from Feb 17-19, 2016It is a national conference! Scholars and graduate students across the nation will come to the conference to present their researches and exchange ideas on challenges and opportunities for the minority scholars and students in the field of public policy and administration.

Hopefully all of you would give attention to the wonderful event, and participate in the event. It was possible, because of Professor Billingsley's presidentship of the COMPA society.

The facebook website will be updated daily. The conference program is available at

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 The International Center for Ethics, Justice and Public Life of Brandeis University has selected Professor James D. Slack (Ph.D., Ph.D.),  as one of its inaugural Faculty Fellows in the Educational Network for Active Civic Transformation (ENACT) program.  The program is designed to be a strategic information hub to stimulate young people to acquire the types of personal interaction that will inspire them to adopt Supreme Court Justice Brandis' belief that the "most important political office is that of the private citizen."  ENACT serves to connect participants with their counterparts throughout the country.  The program is funded by Mr. and Mrs. Norbert Weissburg.  One of the selection criteria is for the recipient univeristy to be at or near a state capital city.  Jackson State University is one of 15 institutions selected for ENACT participation.

Each ENACT Faculty Fellow focuses on a particular public policy. For more than a decade, Professor Slack’s scholarship has focused on Death Policy (murder, executions, and abortion). His book, Abortion, Executions, and the Consequences of Taking Life (Transaction Publishers) is now in its second edition,

Over the next four years, Professor Slack will integrate Jackson State University students in hands-on application in research and courses pertaining to the death penalty in Mississippi, with the goal of bringing consequences of murder and consequences of capital punishment to the forefront of policy makers, advocacy groups, and citizens in the state. Each student will work with a legislative mentor and an advocacy group mentor.

Professor Slack notes, “I am truly honored to represent the Department of Public Policy and Administration, the College of Public Service, and Jackson State University in this important initiative. In the field of public administration, the streets of Jackson and the surrounding agencies are laboratories for our students. To be effective citizens and future policy actors, students must learn to see, hear, touch, smell and even taste the intimate consequences of public policy and policy change. This initiative gives our students an opportunity to gain much experience.”  Interested JSU undergraduate and graduate students should contact Dr. Slack at  

“The awarding fellowships like this bring national recognition to our institution and graduate program and most important, new opportunities for our students to study policy issues", said Ricardo Brown, Dean of the College of Public Service. 

Congratulations, Professor Slack, on being selected as an inaugural Faculty Fellow in the ENACT Program.   

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DSC_9564 - Copy_1Ms. Shelia Malone (MPPA) is selected for the Summer Education Research Internship program at the School of Education, the Univ of California at Irvine.   The internship program provides her with housing, flight expenses, and a stipend of $4,000. She was selected through a highly competitive nationwide selection process.  She will participate in the summer program from June 19, 2016 to August 12, 2016.  During the internship program, she will get a chance to conduct research with an assigned faculty mentor and attend a series of intense workshops, while staying at an on-campus housing.  The detailed information of the program is available at the website of the program,  She'd like to acknowledge the continued mentorship of Dr. Jie Ke from the School of Lifelong Learning, and similar supports from faculty members at the Dept. of Public Policy & Administration. She said that Dr. Gilleylen's 'limitless possiblities' approach really makes her believe that she can be an agent for change.

Congratulations, Ms. Malone. Way to GO!!!! 

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Ashlee theodore

Ms. Aslee D. T. Kelly (PhD student) is the recipient of the 2015-16 Rohr Scholarship.  The scholarship is awarded from the Section of Public Law and Administration, American Society for Public Administration (ASPA).   The scholarship is designed to support students' research in the field of public administration and law while simultaneously supporting the students' attendance for the ASPA annual conference.  Congratulations, Ashlee. Way to Go!!

PS: The 2016 ASPA conference will be held in Seattle, Washington, from March 18 to 22, 2016. 

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Coates_1Mr. Cetric Coates (MPPA student) has published his thoughts of economic development for the City of Jackson, as a guest columnist for the Mississippi's leading newspaper, Clarion-Ledger on December 23, 2015.  In his essay ("Can Jackson bounce back?") , he demonstrated his understanding of public policy, and explored his role as a policy scientist for community development. He emphasized the importance of infrastructure building and examined the issue of financing infrastructure projects.  He has been conducting his research on infrastructure building for the City of Jackson, by taking PPAD  586/786  Urban problems & non-traditional options in Spring 2015, and  PPAD  712 Urban management and urban services in Fall 2015 continuously (Instructor: Dr. Jae-Young Ko). His prior research was presented for the  2015 Spring  JSU Public Policy Student Symposium on April 23, 2015 His outstanding research work was recognized as the third place for the MPPA division. 

Attached is his essay in PDF (Coates_ Can Jackson bounce back_). Congratulations, Mr. Coates. Job well-done!  We are so proud of you!!

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Graduates from the fall 2015 commencement

December 14th, 2015 by ppad


The 2015 Fall Graduate Gommencement was held at the Lee E. Williams Athletic and Assembly Center, on December 11th, 2015.

Three PhDs and three MPPA (MPA) students received their degrees during the ceremony from the Dept. of Public Policy and Administration (PPAD). (People shown in pic: Dr. Claudine Gee in far left side, Dr. Ann Marie Myrick in left center, Dr.Kayester Lee-Smith in right center)  

The students who received their degrees are as follows:



Dr. Claudine Gee (dissertation title: An analysis of debt management at seven Level VI public historically black colleges and universities: Alabama State Univeristy, Florida A&M University, Jackson State University, Tennessee State University and Texas Southern University; Advisor: Professor Johnny B. Gilleylen, Sr.)

Dr. Ann Marie Myrick (dissertation title: Assessing the impact of the sex offender registrtion and notification act of 2006 on recidivism rates among sex offenders in Mississippi; Advisor: Professor Johnny B. Gilleylen, Sr.)

Dr. Kayester Lee-Smith (dissertation title: The Department of Veteran Affairs operation enduring freedom (OEF) Opearational Iraqi Freedom (OIF) Opearation New Dawn (OND) Seamless transition/are management program: A summary evaluation; Advisor: Professor Johnny B. Gilleylen, Sr.)


Ms. Tanya D. Reed,

Ms. Katherine L. Smith

Ms. Christina M. Spann

Congratulations to all of the graduates!!!

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Branson_1Alan Branson (PhD student) defended  his dissertaton proposal successfully on De.c 9, 2015. He will investigate the trends of payday lending business in Missisippi (title: Determinants of Payday Lending and Bank Branch Locations in Mississippi).  Using the data obtained from  MSDBCF, FDIC, Census, he will analyze the location change patterns of the payday lending offices and the bank branches, and examine impacts of the changing patterns to local communities.  For his anslysis, he will conduct cross-sectional analysis, OLS & Logit regression analysis, and spatial/time-series analysis.  His findings will generate policy implications for local, state, and federal levels in managing impacts of payday lending business (Advisor: Dr. Jae-Young Ko).  Congratulations and Good Luck, Alan.



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The 2015 Fall JSU Public Policy Student Symposium  was held on December 3, 2015.  The semi-annual event is prepared as a way for students to increase their independent research skills and to enhance their skills of public communications in a professional setting, and to improve their writing skills.  Twelve students (10 doctoral, and 2 master) joined the event. Their diverse research topics cover from public education issue in Mississippi to Children homeliness issue in Jackson, MS.   

Dean Brown, and the PPAD faculty members also joined the event and recognized the students' efforts on research, provided their comments  and discussed the future direction of the student symposium.  Especially Professor Robinson kept his seat throughout the four-hour long event, and provided his comments to the students.  The participating students appreciated the faculty members' supports on their research efforts. 

The students who presented their researches for the event are as follows:




Dr. Udensi K. Udensi (PhD; 1st left on top row in picture; title: A comparative study of HIV/AIDS prevalence rates and policy among Barbados, Belize, Mexico and the United States), Ms. Debra Monroe-Lax (PhD; 2nd left on top row; title: Economic determinant analysis of student performance in Mississippi public schools),  Ms. Lolita Bolden (PhD: 3rd left on top row; title: An impact analysis of shared use agreement between school districts and communities in controling children obesity in the State of Mississippi), Ms. Shelia Byrd (MPPA: 4th left on top row;  title: An evaluation of city managed job training program in Jackson, Mississippi ("The Jobs for Jacksonian Program") and its impact on Joblessness),  Ms. Ashley Caples (MPPA: 1st left on second row; title: Attaining the unattainable: Accessing barriers of the uninsured and underserved population for quality health care in Mississippi), Mr. Larry Barker (PhD; 2nd left on second row; title: Impact of recent federal student aid policy changes on student enrollments at the HBCUs in Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi), Mr. Michael Grant (PhD; 3rd left on second row; title: An evaluation study of the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program in Mississippi), Mr. John Proctor (PhD; 4th left on second row; title: Managing community garden as a community-centered approach to Food Desert: A case study of Hattiesburg, Mississippi), Ms. Sequica James (PhD: 1st left on third row; title: The fattest & leanest States: Obesity in Mississippi and Colorado), Ms. Sheryl Bacon (PhD; 2nd left on third row; title: Assessing trends of federal student loan debt and exploring potential of reducing the debt through the critical needs program in Mississippi), Ms. Felicia Knight (PhD; 3rd left on third row; title: Assessment of parental responsibility laws), and Ms. Florence Black (PhD; 4th left on third row; title: Family homeliness and the impact on children). 

The symposium has recognized the top three presentations for PhD, and MPPA categories, respectively:


1st Place: Ms. Debra Monroe-Lax (03_Monroe-Lax_Research)

2nd Place: Ms. Lolita Bolden (04_Bolden_Shared Use Agreements Final)

3rd Place: Ms. Sheryl Bacon (11_Bacon_student loan)


1st Place: Ms. Ashley Caples (06_Caples_Attaining the Unattainable)

2nd Place: Ms. Shelia Byrd (05_Byrd_An Evalution Study of a City-Managed Workforce Development)

3rd Place: vacant

We appreciate your hard works embedded in your outstanding presentations, and Congratulations to the winners!!

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IMG_0495_1Healthy Community Development Policy Forum was held at the Mississippi E-Center on Nov. 17, 2015.   Professors Andre HInes, and Jae-Young Ko served the event as session panelists. The forum was designed to develop policy agendas of health community development for City of Jackson.  Local experts from Children's Defense Fund, Mississippi Center for Justice, Bike Walk Mississippi, Mississippi Housing Partnership, and City of Jackson introduced their ideas, based on their experiences and expertise on their fields for healthy community. Based on their reports, selected students from JSU depts. of Political Science, and Urban and Regional Planning developed policy agendas.  Professors Andre HInes, and Jae-Young Ko joined another group of panelists   who gave comments on the policy agendas.  The event was moderated by professor Joan Wesley at Dept. of Urban and Regional Planning, and Dr. Sam Mozee at Mississippi Urban Resear Center. The event was hosted by the Green & Healthy Homes Initiative-Jackson, City of Jackson, and Instute of Government at JSU. During the event, PPAD students  (Ms. Sheryl Bacon (PhD) Ms. Sequica James (PhD), Ms. Prisca Patrick (MPPA), and Dr. Udensi Udensi (PhD )) also reported their onoing research on community development. 

The picture (from left to right) shows Professor Hines, Professor Ko, Mr. Melvin Priester, Jr., (Jackson City Council, Ward 2), and Ms. Silbrina Wright (Mississippi Conference of Black Mayors).    



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