Loans are financial assistance that must be repaid.  Due to legislative changes to the Federal Loan program in March 2010, Jackson State University now participates in the Federal Direct Loan Program.  The Federal Direct Loan program consists of the Federal Direct Stafford Loans, the Federal Direct PLUS Loan and the Federal Direct GradPlus Loan.

Types of Loans:

All student loan borrowers must complete a Loan Entrance Counseling session to be eligible for loan disbursements.  You may logon to to complete your loan entrance counseling session.

Loan Exit Counseling

All student loan borrowers must complete Student Loan Exit Counseling when leaving school for any reason(s):

  • Graduation
  • Withdrawal
  • Termination

You may logon to to complete the loan exit counseling session.

Resources Information:

Federal Student Information Center
(TTY 1-800-730-8913)

Student Aid on the Web:

For information about Master Promissory Notes and Loan Entrance Counseling:


For information about Direct Loans:

Direct Loan Website:

For information about everything related to Direct Loan Repayment:

Borrower Services at the Direct Loan Servicing Center

(TTY 1-800-848-0983)

Direct Loan Servicing Online:

Track your outstanding federal student loans:

National Student Loan Data SystemSM (NSLDSSM):, which maintains overall financial aid history for federal student aid.

Note:  NSLDS only tracks federal student loans; you will need to track any private education loans you may have using your own records.

For everything you need to know about Direct Consolidation Loans, including an online application:

Direct Loan Consolidation Center

(TTY 1-800-557-7395)
Direct Loan Consolidation Website: