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H.T. Sampson Library
1st Floor
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Workshops and Roundtables

In the RWC, we offer workshops and roundtables on specific writing, research, and presentation issues for UNDERGRADUATE and GRADUATE students. FACULTY are also welcome to join the conversation. Location: H. T. Sampson Library, 1st floor.                 

– "For excellence, the presence of others is always required." -Hannah Arendt

Fall 2016

UEPE Preparation                               Exam date – Tue, September 27

Tue Sept 20 @ 3-4 PM and Wed Sept 21 @ 4-5 PM

GECE Preparation                               Exam date – Sat, October 15

Mon Oct 10 @ 12 Noon-1 PM and Tue Oct 11 @ 4-5 PM

30-Minute Workshops  

           Mon, Tue 12-12:30 PM and Wed, Thur 3-3:30 PM

Master the Art of Procrastination                       Sept 12-15

Strengthen Your Thesis Statement                    Sept 19-22  

Support an Argument with Credible Evidence     Sept 26-29

Cite Sources with Confidence                            Oct 24-27

Edit Like a Pro                                                 Oct 31-Nov 3

Create an Effective Presentation                        Nov 7-10


Thesis and Dissertation Roundtables

Facilitated by the RWC staff, roundtables are informal conversations that allow faculty and students to articulate ideas and writing conventions specific to Master's theses and dissertations.

               Wednesdays, 5:30-7 PM

Master’s Thesis & Dissertation Overview            Sept 7

Writing Your Proposal                                     Oct 12

The Literature Review                                     Nov 9

For additional information, contact:

Dr. Kathi Griffin, kathi.r.griffin@jsums.edu or 601-979-0989

Dr. Tatiana Glushko, tatiana.glushko@jsums.edu or 601-979-1777