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2019 Annual Employees' Benefits/Cafeteria Plan Enrollment Fair (Posted August 2019)


Mandatory Training for All Employees (Posted May 2019)  

Unlawful Harassment Prevention, Uncovering Implicit Bias

Jackson State University is committed to maintaining an environment free from sexual harassment and discrimination. In support of our goal to foster the model learning and working environment, and to facilitate campus wide compliance with Governor Bryant’s January 2017 Executive Order 1392, we have arranged for all employees and student employees to have access to the automated, self-paced online training program, "Unlawful Harassment Prevention."

The program offers a convenient and practical means of educating employees and supervisors about state and federal laws, University policies, and procedures for reporting inappropriate conduct.

Once the course is completed, print, sign, and date a copy of your completion certificate.   All signed certificates of completion should be submitted to your area Vice President for routing to the Department of Human Resources.  A record of the course completion certificate will be kept on file and used by the Office of the President to certify in writing that all University employees have completed the course.

All personnel are asked to prioritize completion of the Unlawful Harassment and the Uncovering Implicit Bias Training module within 30 days of your employment start date.

Employee Training Portal: May 2019)

Student Employment Center  

The Student Employment Center is committed to stimulate and promote part-time employment through federal work-study, University work-aid, and graduate assistantship for students who require earnings from such employment to help meet the on-going cost of attending the University. It is our goal to oversee general administrative authority over student employment placement, terminations, transfers, employment verifications, equitable wage rates, appropriate work conditions, and monitor state and federal compliance towards affirmative action and equal opportunity guidelines.

Student Payroll Forms


JSU International Student Employment

JSU International Student On-Campus Employment Guidelines

Guidelines to Obtain Letter for Social Security Number


SEC Training Resources

Click the 2017-2018 SEC Training Schedule link below to acces the listing of upcoming training sessions for STUDENT EMPLOYEES AND SUPERVISORS OF STUDENT EMPLOYEES.  Training is MANDATORY for all new student employees and new supervisors of student employees  

Registration Link:  Student Employment Center (2017-2018) Training Schedule

Additional Training Resources:  Presentation for Supervisors Training | Presentation for Student Training 


Electronic Personnel Action Forms (EPAF) Support

EPAF Security Application – Once you've completed EPAF training, submit your EPAF Security Application via email at using the email title: EPAF Security Application.

 Staff Development Center Quarterly Training Calendar 

SDC Training Calendar- August 2019 – October 2019    (Posted August 2019 )