Admission to Teacher Education

Application Submission Process:

        1. Contact/meet with faculty mentor (departmental advisor) to ensure that you qualify for admission to Teacher Education. During this initial meeting, you should ensure that your faculty mentor completes and signs your Curriculum Sheet and Revised Core Curriculum form reflecting your core coursework (your faculty mentor should have both of these forms). Your faculty mentor is responsible for uploading your signed Core Curriculum for Admission to Student Teaching form and Curriculum Sheet during the application approval process.
        2. You will need to complete and sign the following documents (as you will have to upload them when you complete the online application process in TK20):
          • Copy of your highest scores (including sub scores) on the ACT, SAT, or PRAXIS CORE examination OR transcript showing GPA exceeding 3.0 on more than 60 hours of coursework.
          • Copy of your signed Licensure Advisory Form
          • Each of the aforementioned documents will need to be scanned to a digital format so that you may upload them into the Admission to Student Teaching Application designated for your licensure program in TK20. You will need to upload each of these documents in order to complete the application.
        3. Log into TK20 using the following link: Your username is your J-Number and your password is your NetID password. (Note: Never create a TK20 account. If you have logged into TK20 before, but are unable to log in now you may need to reset your NetID in PAWS. If you are a music, English, math, or physics education major that has never used TK20, you may not have an account. Please send an email to
        4. Once you log in click on “Applications” in the menu and select the appropriate “Admission to Teacher Education Application” based on your major (i.e. Elementary Education majors should select the elementary application, Music Education majors the music application, and so on).
        5. Complete the application and notify your faculty mentor by email that it is ready for review. Once your application has been reviewed, you will receive a message in TK20 stating whether it has been approved, denied, or pending submission of additional documents.

        *Approval in TK20 is only your advisor’s recommendation. You are not officially admitted until you receive correspondence from the Director of Teacher Education stating that you have been admitted.

        If you have questions concerning the application process for Teacher Education or Student Teaching, please contact the Center for Teacher Quality at 601-979-4111 or email