Candidate Support


Please maintain regular contact your Faculty Mentor within your academic program in order to ensure that you stay aware of academic support and professional opportunities within your field. Join the Mississippi Association of Educators (MAE) as early as possible in your matriculation to access additional support and resources. Also, be sure to take advantage of the following resources to support your successful matriculation:


Mississippi Department of Education Resources


Licensure Exam Preparation

  • Free PRAXIS CORE Preparation Website:


  • Schedule of Free PRAXIS Workshops for Mississippi Association of Educators (MAE):


  • 3 Hour PRAXIS II Course for Elementary Education:

EDCI 399 Praxis II PLT & CIA Preparation


  • Free Foundations of Reading Exam Preparation & Registration Website:


Mathematics & Writing Preparation

  • Tutoring and Learning Community (Mathematics Tutoring Services)


  • Richard Wright Writing Center (Writing Tutoring & Support):


Key Skills Resource Videos

  • Standards and Learning Objectives.

MCCR Standards and Learning Objectives


  • Lesson Objectives and Ensuring Alignment among Standards, Objectives, and Activities

Good and Bad Lesson Objectives


  • Developing Appropriate Assessments to Assess Learning Objectives

Developing Assessments


JSU scholarships 


Registrar’s Office (University Forms)