Institute for the Recruitment of Teachers

The Institute for the Recruitment of Teachers (IRT) is a program that is designed to increase the number of minority students seeking graduate degrees–specifically the Ph.D.  Students who qualify and are selected to participate may choose from two program options:

1.  The IRT Summer Workshop Intern Program: Four week paid, in-residence internship

2.  The IRT Associates Program: Intensive online and phone counseling to facilitate the graduate school application process
All students selected to the program received graduate school application fee waivers for up to 10 universities in the IRT Consortium.  Again this is an excellent opportunity.  IRT’s track record is amazing; 90% of the participants in their program go on to receive either full or partial funding for up to 6-years of graduate study at some of the most selective institutions in the country.


To get more information about this program, please go to If you need help with applications, please contact Dr. Wheaton at or Dr. Ke at