Culturally Responsive Teaching

Jackson State University Educator Preparation Programs have adopted the 8 Culturally Responsive Teaching Competencies as outlined by New America in Culturally Responsive Teaching: A 50 State Survey of Teaching Standards. The competencies include: Reflecting on one’s cultural lens (CRT 1), Recognizing and redressing bias in the system (CRT 2), drawing on students’ culture to share curriculum and instruction (CRT 3), bringing real-world issues into the classroom (CRT 4), modeling high expectations for all students (CRT 5), Promoting respect for student differences (CRT 6), Collaborating with families and the local community (CRT 7), and Communicating in linguistically and culturally responsive ways (CRT 8). These competencies are incorporated into coursework and assessed throughout your teacher education program. A more comprehensive explanation of competencies and expectations can be found by clicking on the link to the Culturally Responsive Teaching Reflection Guide (click here to view guide).


Culturally Responsive Teaching Resource Videos

Introduction to Culturally Responsive Pedagogy

Schoolwide Culturally Responsive Practice

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