Graduate Candidate Assessment

All Jackson State University educator preparation candidates are responsible for completion of a series of professional education coursework and assessments designed to ensure that candidates learn and exhibit mastery of key content and pedagogical knowledge and skills prior to program completion. Course-based key assessments are designed to test candidate mastery of key knowledge and skills as they matriculate through the program. All key assessments are aligned to key state and national standards for the appropriate field.


MAT Program Assessments

Educational Leadership

M.S. in Reading Education

Forthcoming (Program Under Redesign)

M.S. in Special Education-Visual Impairment

Forthcoming (Assessments Under Redesign)

Ed.S. in Education: Psychometry

Forthcoming (Assessments Under Redesign)

Ed.S. in School Counseling

Forthcoming (Assessments Under Redesign)

Administration and Scoring of Course-based Key Assessments Policy

*This policy only applies to the designated course-based key assessments listed under your program.

                a. Course-based key assessments and scoring criteria must be introduced and explained to candidates enrolled in an assessment course when reviewing course syllabus and requirements at the beginning of the semester.

                b. Candidates are allowed one (1) resubmission of course-based key assessment after receiving feedback and/or remediation on the initial submission of the key assessment

                c. Course-based key assessments are due a minimum of three (3) weeks prior to the end of the semester to allow time for scoring, resubmission by candidate(s) if necessary, and whole class discussion and/or remediation if necessary

               d. Whole class discussion and/or remediation is required for knowledge/skills where class performs at or below the “Needs Improvement” level

              e. Candidates must successfully complete the course-based key assessment in order to pass a key assessment course